How does qikfox work?

You can download qikfox from Google Web Store. Qikfox is installed on Google Chrome Browser as a verified extension. Qikfox starts monitoring the links and content of the websites you visit post installation.

Caution: Don’t let anyone scare you by claiming that Qikfox downloads your browsing history on qikfox servers. Scare tactics are used by suspicious Internet and Telephone scammers to get rid of qikfox so that they can scam you uninterrupted. Qikfox monitors the website activity only to warn you of scammer websites. Qikfox extension does not send any monitoring information to qikfox servers.

Once you install qikfox extension on Chrome browser, it starts monitoring your web activity, and as soon as it identifies a URL or a known signature of a scammer’s website, it redirects you to a qikfox warning page. The qikfox alert page warns you of the scam in real-time when a scammer is trying to gain your trust to conduct a fraudulent interaction.

Another method used by qikfox to safeguard you from questionable websites is by checking and validating their “publisher certificates.” If the site does not have a publisher certificate, then there is a high likelihood that the website is fraudulent, phishing or a scammer website.

Caution: At times, a legitimate business may have an expired digital certificate on their website. To account for this, we don’t block sites that lack a digital certificate completely; we show you a banner that requests you to proceed with caution. Ideally, you should not share your personal, financial or any other information with a website that lacks a digital certificate. Anytime you come across a site that has HTTP:// instead of https:// it is time to pause, and ask yourself a question. Why does a credible company operate a website without a digital certificate?